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Oil Drain Valves

Oil Drain Valves

A conventional oil change usually results in oil spills  and dirty hands. So, Stahlbus has developed an oil drain valve system which  allows you to carry out an oil change with speed, ease, safety and cleanliness The Stahlbus®-oil drain valve will easily replace the  existing oil drain plug. When  changing the oil, unscrew the protective cap and insert the hose connector via  quick on. Only when  this is locked, opens the valve and the oil can be drained into the provided  container. When  releasing the hose connection the valve closes automatically and you need to  turn on only the protective cap.

 The  benefits at a glance: 

  • No  contact with oil
  • Easy  handling due to quick release
  • Drain  plug cannot be lost
  • No risk  of burns from hot oil

 It is recommended to change your oil while it is warm so  it can be easily extracted and as it would be unavoidable to get some on your  hands you could increase the risk of burns.

  • Exchange  of seals is not necessary
  • Sump  thread is spared

 Only need to fit once so there is no risk of stripping  the sump thread, or even worse, cracking the pan.

  • Double  outlet protection (protective cap and valve)
  • Connection to suction possible
  • Optimal  application for discharge sampling or trapping

You can  easily check whether there is some antifreezer or metal shaving in your oil. If  none of this is present, using a clean bottle you can refill the extracted oil.

  • Easy to control

You can  easily extract just some of the oil and you can control the amount you need,  this comes very handy when you managed to overfilled it.

  • Cap  captive O-ring
  • Change  oil without tools

Since  it is very clean to use (you only need a bottle), you can even change the oil  in a parking lot during a longer bike trip.

  • Clean & safe way to change oils

No oil  spills on the garage floor, no risk of having oil on your exhaust(s), tyres and  most importantly breaks.

  • Environment friendly

Using  the tube, you can get the used oil directly into the can and you can safely  dispose it. No need to use any paper towel/wipes/cloth to clean up the mess  which is hazardous waste. 

  • Corrosion  resistant steel, stainless steel and Ecobrass (Brass), salt resistant

          So the  oil change makes fun! 
          Scope of  supply: 
          - Valve  body, CNC precision turned part made of high quality steel 
          - Copper  seal (washer) 
          - Hose  connector, CNC precision turned part made of high quality steel 
          -  High-quality hose 40cm long 
          -  Protective cap made of anodized aluminum 
          -  Illustrated instruction manual


          Made in Germany
          Highest quality
          2 year warranty
          TÜV tested


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